Clemens® Supreme Pull-up Pants

Orthoics & Prosthetics



The Clemens Supreme range of pull-up pants combine the latest technologies in a soft, comfortable, simple-to-use product. Resembling normal underwear, the pants offer benefits for users with an active lifestyle and can prolong independence. Full elastication ensures that the pants will fit closely and can be worn with confidence.

Suitable for normal to high levels of incontinence the pants should be selected by waist size.

Features :

  • An entirely soft, Cotton Feel composition allows the product to replace conventional underwear
  • Full elastication ensures a close, comfortable fit
  • The enhanced anti-leak cuffs help to prevent leakage and offer a closer fit around the legs
  • A tear-off seam allows the pant to be easily removedSize Guide
    Description Size Name Waist Measure to Fit Pull-ups per Packet Absorbancy
    Clemens Supreme Small 60 – 80 cm 14 High
    Clemens Supreme Medium 70 – 110 cm 14 High
    Clemens Supreme Large 100 – 150 cm 14 High
    Clemens Supreme X-Large 150 – 170 cm 14