C-Leg Prosthesis System

Orthoics & Prosthetics


High-Tech for more Quality of Life – the C-Leg Leg Prosthesis System

At a Glance

  • Fully microprocessor-controlled knee joint
  • Previously unachieved level of safety and dynamics
  • Natural gait pattern
  • Safe, smooth walking at different speeds and on all surfaces
  • Wireless Remote Control and additional standing mode with the new C-Leg
  • Three-year warranty with service inspection after 24 months free of charge
  • C-Leg mobility warranty
  • Recommended for Mobility Grades 3 and 4

Fully enjoying life – casually walking down aisles at the store, cycling with friends in the park, or maybe going hiking in the mountains. With the C-Leg, everyday activity is possible once again. The world’s first microprocessor-controlled knee joint is controlled in real time throughout the entire gait cycle. This means the highest level of dynamic response with unsurpassed safety.

By now, over 20,000 C-Leg wearers all over the world are profiting from the many advantages of proven C-Leg Technology. Their suggestions were the driving force behind the introduction of several new features in 2006. The result: An intelligent leg prosthesis system with Wireless Remote Control and an optimized service and warranty plan.

The new C-Leg is easy to recognize. While the previous C-Leg was gleaming silver and blue, the carbon frame of the new C-Leg is noble anthracite, complemented with silver.  The new C-Leg has a harmonious interplay of form, color, and material for a self-confident appearance in every situation.

The C-Leg adjusts to your requirements in real time

Of course the new C-Leg also uses the original, proven C-Leg Technology. The intelligent knee joint always recognizes which walking phase the user is in and adjusts accordingly in real time. The knee angle sensor supplies the information required for the dynamic control of the swing phase, depending on the respective step length and frequency.

Walking down stairs, in the dark, in a crowd while shopping, during a leisurely Sunday stroll, or in a rush on the way to work in the morning – the C-Leg system automatically adapts to any situation while you walk. The advantages: The risk of falling is significantly reduced. You no longer need to focus on every step; you save energy and can focus on the important things in life once again. With the C-Leg, you move safely and smoothly – you’ll hardly notice the difference compared to normal walking, and neither will anyone else. The physiological gait pattern simultaneously provides relief for your entire body. You can adjust the C-Leg for special activities such as cross-country skiing or cycling with a special mode (2nd mode).