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Product Features:

  • Outer soft film gives the breast form a cashmere like feel.
  • Use of lightweight comfort+ silicone reduces weight by up to 30% when compared to standard weight breast forms.
  • Comfort+ Technology: Temperature regulating silicone that is constantly absorbing and releasing heat to the body. This in turn reduces the build-up of perspiration between the chest wall and the breast form.
  • The adhesive pearl beads incorporated into the inner layer of the breast form allows the breast form to adhere directly onto the chest wall.
  • Relieves pressure and tension in the neck and shoulders. Thus, making the breast form beneficial to women with larger bust sizes.
  • Beneficial to women diagnosed with lymphoedema following their breast surgery.
  • Cleaning Kit is included (soft cleanser, skin balance gel cream, skin preparation tonic wipes and cleansing brush).